The Executive Board of the Children's Folklore Section of the American Folklore Society: 1992-1993

Thomas Johnson, Danielle Roemer, Simon Bronner, Jay Mechling, Priscilla Ord, Tina Moore
The third article, "Books for Children" by Edith Fowke, is the first CFS invited essay. At the 1990 CFS meeting, the Executive Board and the members present suggested that Canadian folklore scholarship, and especially that of Edith Fowke, needed to be more widely recognized and asked her to review pertinent books (see 13.2 for her review of Cosbey' s All in T ol!ether Girls) and to write an essay about her own work. Desktop publishing continues to have advantages. The photograph in this issue
more » ... more affordable than it would have been in a type-set publication. There are some inconveniences with desktop publishing, however. Editors who once blamed the printer for errors now must deliver perfect camera-ready copy or take the blame themselves. In the last issue, Armand Szainer's name was misspelled. His design for and work on the CFS Lifetime Achievement Medal were, in a large part, donated to us; and I apologize for the error.