Interview with Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

Isabel Tejeda
2018 SOBRE. Prácticas artísticas y políticas de la edición  
Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, 1937) received the National Plastic Arts Award in 2007 and the Velázquez Plastic Arts Award in 2015. His artistic practice relates to the ideas of situation and reality, rather than to the production of objects. His artwork ranges from proposals that may well become artistic merchandise, to the dematerialization of pieces, therefore producing experiences instead of works of art. This interview revolves around the idea that creating a museum or an art collection
more » ... r an art collection produces an inevitable change in the absolute meaning of the work of art, because this process implies a re-edition of the context in which it was generated.
doi:10.30827/7372 doaj:eb562811b58047f5abf5eed4ef7f9992 fatcat:hsp3ptfibvgzlmcsloybovlw6q