Stability and Dissipation of Laminar Vortex Flow in SuperfluidHe3−B

V. B. Eltsov, R. de Graaf, P. J. Heikkinen, J. J. Hosio, R. Hänninen, M. Krusius, V. S. L'vov
2010 Physical Review Letters  
Vortex flow remains laminar up to large Reynolds numbers (Re~1000) in a cylinder filled with 3He-B. This is inferred from NMR measurements and numerical vortex filament calculations where we study the spin up and spin down responses of the superfluid component, after a sudden change in rotation velocity. In normal fluids and in superfluid 4He these responses are turbulent. In 3He-B the vortex core radius is much larger which reduces both surface pinning and vortex reconnections, the phenomena,
more » ... ns, the phenomena, which enhance vortex bending and the creation of turbulent tangles. Thus the origin for the greater stability of vortex flow in 3He-B is a quantum phenomenon. Only large flow perturbations are found to make the responses turbulent, such as the walls of a cubic container or the presence of invasive measuring probes inside the container.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.105.125301 pmid:20867649 fatcat:4g63wff2uvbjhkp2xdwr5ftuim