Валентин Михайлович Ливенський
At the moment, the model of the economy of the Republic of Belarus is constantly developing, filling with new content as the external conditions and internal factors of the functioning of the national economic system change. The purpose of the study is to analyze the economic growth in the Republic of Belarus based on various methods. The methodological basis of the study was the methods of dialectics, methods and principles of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge of a subject of complex
more » ... ty, the rules for constructing a paradigm and its terminological support. Research hypothesis. At the moment in the Republic of Belarus a "modern knowledge economy" is being formed, that is, the economic system, the economic order and the economic mechanism are constantly being improved .. Presentation of the main material. The article formulates the main hypotheses of the research, shows the stages of new economic relations, which are being reformed at a faster pace, taking into account the requirements of technical progress. It is substantiated that intensive or extensive types of economic growth do not exist in their pure form. There is always a combination of them with the predominance of one - predominantly intensive or predominantly extensive economic growth. The originality and practical significance lies in the attribution of growth to one type or another, depending on the value of the specific weight of the increase in production obtained due to a qualitative or quantitative change in its factors. Conclusions and prospects for further research. Based on an analysis of the past, an assessment of the existing problems and the results achieved in the present, it is possible to avoid possible risks in the future, and this is precisely what management excellence is about. And the correct perception and analysis of the reasons for the lag contains the potential for growth. Further research on the topic should be focused on clarifying the institutional foundations that can really streamline the limitations of the system for analyzing the economic growth of the state.
doi:10.32620/cher.2021.4.03 fatcat:5g5wro7sebcobiordpt7jvf3mq