Reassessing "Minor" Breaches of Confidentiality

2011 Virtual Mentor  
Dimick C. No harm done? Assessing risk of harm under the federal breach notification rule. J AHIMA. 2010;81(8):20-25. Breaches of privacy have gained increasing attention in recent years, as more and more information about each of us becomes readily accessible online-either through our own efforts or without our knowledge. The presumed security of much of that information can be compromised and, once it is, the information can be spread easily and rapidly through digital networks. In one widely
more » ... reported recent incidence, the security of account information at the popular blog network Gawker was breached [1], creating the risk for a form of "online identity theft"-someone other than the account holder could post comments under the account holder's name. More ominously, if the Gawker account holder employed the same password for accounts on other sites (e.g., e-mail or bank accounts), the security of those accounts could also be compromised.
doi:10.1001/virtualmentor.2011.13.3.jdsc1-1103 pmid:23127317 fatcat:l7gztl7qtvdh5ksvgmslktlcuu