Synthesis and the Luminescent Properties of Ba[sub 2]ZnS[sub 3]:Ce,Ag Phosphors

Yu-Feng Lin, Yen-Hwei Chang, Bin-Siang Tsai
2005 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
Ba 2 ZnS 3 :Ce,Ag phosphors, emitting bluish to yellowish-green light, were synthesized by a double-crucible method. X-ray diffraction results indicate that the raw materials were completely sulfurized at 1000°C for 2 h, and all samples had a orthorhombic crystal structure with doping 0.1-1 mol % Ce 3+ and codoping 0-0.2 mol % Ag + . The emission spectra resulted from ͑i͒ hostactivator transition and ͑ii͒ 2 D͑5d͒-7 F 5/2 ͑4f͒ and 2 D͑5d͒-7 F 7/2 ͑4f͒Ce 3+ transitions. The photoluminescence
more » ... ra show that the emission peaks in the 494-508 nm range ͑excited at exc = 420 nm͒ and in the 493-537 nm range ͑excited around exc = 356 nm͒, like the CIE color coordinate, depend on the doping concentration of the Ce 3+ and Ag + ions.
doi:10.1149/1.1954947 fatcat:yzuogpktgrbjvmcbr7jwefyqjq