A particle-only hybrid method for near-continuum flows

M. N. Macrossan
2001 AIP Conference Proceedings  
EPSM is a particle simulation method for the simulation of the Euler equations. EPSM is used here as part of a hybrid EPSM/DSMC method for the simulation of near continuum flows. It is used where the flow gradients are not large and the flow is expected to be in an equilibrium state. The gradient of local mean free path has been used to detect those regions where EPSM can be invoked. Results are presented for the unsteady flow of a gas in a shock tube with Knudsen numbers in the initial state
more » ... 0.01 and 0.002 either side of the diaphragm (based on the length of the initial low-pressure region). The results for the hybrid method are very close to those for pure DSMC. The execution speed of the hybrid code is 1.75 times that of standard DSMC.
doi:10.1063/1.1407587 fatcat:vufcn2vq5bci3bj4hz3s7gnvnu