Automatic Water Management System

Santosh Anand, Adithya Nath, Aparna Jayan, Brunda.I.B. Brunda.I.B., C. Vidyashree.C
2021 Proceedings of the Fist International Conference on Advanced Scientific Innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology, ICASISET 2020, 16-17 May 2020, Chennai, India   unpublished
The developing populaces, and expanded requests from farming and industry, analysts demonstrated that this emergency is just prone to exacerbate. Presently the conserve of water has surpassed in metros and in countries. This is because of increase in populace and misuse of water. There is a need of water monitoring and control system in each and every sectors, starting from home to all kind of the offices. There are many existing work to eliminate the wastage of water such as automatic public
more » ... automatic public tap control. This work, Automatic Water Management System (AWMS) is to observe and manage the wastage of water due to various reasons like tap leakage, pipe leakage and water tank overflow. It can deployed in each and every building which send the water level information to the owner of particular building. AWMS is designed and developed with efficient sensors, which can control wastage of water in less time.
doi:10.4108/eai.16-5-2020.2303936 fatcat:vztrj5yibzhqfjmtpebm6ieltq