International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2014; 2(2): 09-14 Evaluation of bacterioplankton species in calabar coastal water and ship ballast water

S Jatau, S Jatau, S Jatau, M Emere, M Abdulsalam, Y Umar, N Etangetuk
This study revealed that Bacterioplankton in Coastal water was dominated by Bacillus spp (54,277 cfu/ml), Corynebacterium spp (38,688 cfu/ml), Pseudomonas spp (38,381 cfu/ml) and Enterobacteriaceae (33,936 cfu/ml). In Ballast water bacterioplankton was dominated by Bacillus spp (96,588 cfu/ml), Vibrio spp (93,929 cfu/ml0, Pseudomonas spp (70,158 cfu/ml) and Corynebacterium spp (39,863 cfu/ml). Out of the 14 species, 8 species were observed in both coastal water and ballast water, 4 species were
more » ... observed only in coastal water and 2 species were observed only in ballast water. Most of these species are harmful to plants and animals. Thus both waters are not suitable for use by man, which clearly suggests that both ballasting and deballasting be avoided within the study area.