Soil – Plant Relations on Sandy Grassland in the Middle Vistula River Valley

Andrzej Harasimiuk, Magdalena Cyrczak
2004 Miscellanea Geographica: Regional Studies on Development  
The paper is on environmental condition of sandy grassland on alluvial deposits. The soil and phytosociological study ware conducted south of Warsaw in middle Vistula river valley. Listing of vascular plants and shallow soil sampling were made in order to answer the question of plant and soil relationship. Standard chemical determination directed on trophism were done in plant and soil material. The spatial distribution of chemical parameters of plants and soils is related to local microrelief
more » ... nd distance of Vistula river. The plants dominating the study prefer less fertile habitats. The soil is being enriched by water from the Vistula river. High carbon content is correlated with the presence of the Salix arenaria. The greater the share of vegetation not belonging to the grass family, the greater the carbon content. Potassium and phosphorus looks like to be the less plant-dependent elements. Its documents an initial stage of development of the Vistula river valley environment.
doi:10.2478/mgrsd-2004-0005 fatcat:vgio2oggwvcrvehl4pffbmqdbm