Variational Description of Mott Insulators

Manuela Capello, Federico Becca, Michele Fabrizio, Sandro Sorella, Erio Tosatti
2005 Physical Review Letters  
The Gutzwiller wave function for a strongly correlated model can, if supplemented with a long-range Jastrow factor, provide a proper variational description of Mott insulators, so far unavailable. We demonstrate this concept in the prototypical one-dimensional t-t^' Hubbard model, where at half filling we reproduce all known phases, namely the ordinary Mott undimerized insulator with power-law spin correlations at small t^'/t, the spin-gapped metal above a critical t^'/t and small U, and the dimerized Mott insulator at large repulsion.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.94.026406 pmid:15698205 fatcat:knvah2r4c5a6rpg6elg4krmpzq