Assessment of Occupational Health Risks from Exposure to Titanium Alloys Based on the Results of Periodic Medical Examinations and Doctor's Visits

EL Bazarova, AA Fedoruk, IS Osherov, NA Roslaya, AG Babenko
2021 Здоровье населения и среда обитания - ЗНиСО  
The titanium industry continues to build capacity and introduce innovative technologies driven by high demand for the metal and its alloys. High occupational risks of diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems, diseases of the skin, and changes in hematological indices were established for titanium metal production workers. The objective of our study was to assess the occupational risk from exposures to titanium in the composition of industrial aerosols for the health of workers in the
more » ... modernized areas of metallurgical production. Materials and methods: Our risk assessment was based on findings of periodic health examinations and doctor's visits; we estimated the relative risk (RR) and used χ2 criterion to evaluate the statistical significance of the results. Results: We observed significantly higher incidence rates of diseases of the skin, ear, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems with temporary disability and higher rates of chronic diseases of the skin, respiratory and digestive systems in the titanium metal production workers compared to the workers of the same industrial enterprise unexposed to titanium and its alloys. Chronic diseases developed quicker in the exposed workers of all age groups than in the controls. The prevalence of hematologic disorders, such as high hemoglobin levels, thrombocytopenia, leukocytosis, lymphocytosis, and monocytosis was also higher in the exposed group. In the workers exposed to titanium concentrations exceeding the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of 10 mg/m3 in the workplace air, we noted significantly higher rates of chronic diseases of the skin and digestive system, elevated hemoglobin levels, and a rising trend in the prevalence of chronic diseases of the circulatory system, high blood pressure, overweight, and thrombocytopenia in comparison with those working in permissible conditions. Conclusions: We revealed a strong correlation between occupational exposures to airborne titanium and chronic skin diseases and a medium correlation for leukocytosis and monocytosis.
doi:10.35627/2219-5238/2021-335-2-43-53 fatcat:dgctze5ddbg7vo7ctjfqgx557e