Agent-based Simulation with Process-interaction Worldview

Shufang Xie, Tao Zhang, Oliver Rose
2019 SNE Simulation Notes Europe  
After analyzing the agent-based simulation (ABS), we realize that most researchers focus on the agent-based modeling, but only a few researchers pay attention to the simulation. The reason is that the agentbased model (ABM) can run directly in a real-time manner by communication among agents and the running of the ABM is already one kind of simulation. However, the ABS is less efficient when being used into a non-real-time system even though it can be speeded up by giving a timescale. So, to
more » ... ed up the ABS, we introduce a process-interaction worldview (PIW) originated in the discrete event simulation to the ABS. A method for combining the agent-based simulation and the PIW is proposed. The method is validated by applying in a simple queue system and compared with the normal ABS with a timescale.
doi:10.11128/ fatcat:gjzbeuifubaxnaagjpkykbejve