Horizon 2020 As A Tool for Educational Governance-The Horizon Discourse

Lejf Moos
2018 unpublished
Horizon 2020 is an important political-administrative program for research funding in Europe from 2013 through 2020. The European Commission (EC) uses the program to further the integration and development of the European Union and therefore it is interesting to investigate the EC thinking in this particular field of educational policy and governance. The program is analysed as a discourse in ways that Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe conceptualise discourse. They are seen as important tools
more » ... s important tools in the establishment of political hegemony and social change, not only in language and idéas, but also in institutions and materialisations. The research interest is to find trends, tendencies and basic logics in the ways the EC works in order to construct political hegemony at commission level and as a part of moving the European Community towards the Global market place. The HorizonDiscourse is analysed in the light of general global and transnational educational governance trends and a number of key concepts in the documents are analysed and discussed. These privileged dis-cursive points, the nodal points are named the 'sic i's and one e's. Those nodal points are at the core of the EC neo-liberal discourse and gover-nance. The research interest is not to find ways in which national governments and other actors interpret and translate EC trends into national politics or local practices. The core of the analyses is to find out how the EC conceives and practices educational research governance through the Horizon 2020 program.