History of Health and Disease in Modern Latin America [dataset]

Diego Armus
2013 Oxford Bibliographies Online Datasets   unpublished
An effort to organize recent trends in the historical study of diseases by grouping the available literature along the lines of biomedical history, the history of public health, and the sociocultural history of diseases. Armus, Diego. "Legados y tendencias en la historiografía sobre la enfermedad en América Latina moderna." In Avatares de la medicalización en América Latina, 1870-1970. Edited collections organized around specific countries, including case studies focused on countries, regions,
more » ... ountries, regions, or cities, reveal the dynamism of the field. Cueto 1996 brings together new scholarship. Armus 2002, Armus 2003, Hochman and Armus 2004, and Armus 2005 intend to cover the pluralism that dominates the field both in terms of ways of writing and topics. Hochman, et al. 2012 includes articles focused on different countries but around-broadly speaking-a unifying historical issue. Armus, Diego, ed. Entre médicos y curanderos: Cultura, historia y enfermedad en la América latina moderna. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Norma, 2002. With essays stressing on the tensions between culture and disease-in particular, hygiene and modern habits, medical pluralism, quacks, vaccination and indigenous peoples, popular music, maladies, and beliefs-this collection includes studies on Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile and Haiti. Armus, Diego, ed. Disease in the History of Modern Latin America: From Malaria to AIDS. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2003. First anthology in English purposely sampling the current three approaches to writing on health and disease. It includes articles on six Latin American countries, dealing with epidemics, disease metaphors, gender, eugenics, and health discourses and policies. Many of the articles advanced partial findings that later became chapters of key books on the field. The introductory essay surveys the scholarly production by 2003. Armus, Diego, ed. Avatares de la medicalización en América Latina, 1870-1970. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Lugar Editorial, 2005. Organized with the same criteria as in Armus 2003 and Hochman and Armus 2004, this collection offers a selection of articles in Spanish focused on Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Cueto, Marcos, ed. Salud, cultura y sociedad en América Latina: Nuevas perspectivas históricas. Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, 1996. An early collection of articles on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico dealing with the production of medical science in the periphery, epidemics, foreign influences in the making of public health initiatives, and professional and alternative discourses about diseases. It includes a brief introduction that can guide an initial navigation of the field up to the mid-1990s. Hochman, Gilberto, and Diego Armus, eds. Cuidar, controlar, curar: Ensaios históricos sobre a saúde e doença
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