Justieren vormontierter Systeme mit dem Nd:YAG-Laser unter Einsatz von Aktoren [thesis]

Alexander Huber, Klaus Feldmann, Manfred Geiger
The manufacture and assembly of microtechnical assemblies place the highest demands on the positional tolerances of the microcomponents used. Alignment with the laser is an innovative process to adjust position-sensitive components with high precision and without contact in the pre-assembled state. The book provides information on how localized plastic deformations that change the position of the component to be adjusted can be generated by targeted laser irradiation. Through the use of special
more » ... the use of special actuators, which are inserted between the unit to be adjusted and a carrier, shifts in the sub-micrometer range and angles in the sub-millirad range can be achieved via a control.
doi:10.25593/3-87525-153-9 fatcat:abgyqyrrxvbxvpym6dumtkt32e