The Enduring Legend of Grace Kelly

Joan Fox
1994 Kinema. A journal for film and audiovisual media  
FEW FEMALE STARS of the fifties have joined the legendary immortals of the American cinema. There were many beauties then and some great magnetic stars like Doris Day. Yet only the mysterious extrovert, Marilyn Monroe, and the mysterious introvert, Grace Kelly, shone with a brighter light. Like Monroe, Grace Kelly captured the imagination of future generations. There is public and media fascination with Princess Grace and everything that touched her. There have been rumours of a cult adoration
more » ... n Monaco which has sought to have her enrolled in the first declension toward sainthood. The tabloid rags have it that she did not die but was so badly shattered in her fatal accident that her family had her put away in a secret place. But, because she is a kind soul, she has ventured forth to a hidden rendezvous with Jack Kennedy in his secret place to comfort the brain-damaged...
doi:10.15353/ fatcat:lsjfez6arvhtvbn5uthj7pnm54