Enhanced plasticity in a Zr-based bulk metallic glass composite with in situ formed intermetallic phases

G. Chen, H. Bei, Y. Cao, A. Gali, C. T. Liu, E. P. George
2009 Applied Physics Letters  
An in situ formed intermetallic phase/bulk metallic glass composite with high strength and good plasticity was fabricated by casting Zr 55.0 Cu 29.0 Ni 8.0 Al 8.0 melts. In situ formed tetragonal structured ͑Zr, Ni, Al͒ 2 ͑Cu, Ni, Al͒ intermetallic particles with a hardness of 9.6Ϯ 0.3 GPa improve the fracture strength of the composite. Micrographs of the fractured samples reveal that the shear band spacing is smaller than the intermetallic particles, indicating that they can effectively block
more » ... hear band propagation before catastrophic fracture.
doi:10.1063/1.3211912 fatcat:3y2byphtenfi5jvkvuqznz5lwu