Land Cover Mapping Using Ensemble Feature Selection Methods [article]

A. Gidudu, B. Abe, T. Marwala
2008 arXiv   pre-print
Ensemble classification is an emerging approach to land cover mapping whereby the final classification output is a result of a consensus of classifiers. Intuitively, an ensemble system should consist of base classifiers which are diverse i.e. classifiers whose decision boundaries err differently. In this paper ensemble feature selection is used to impose diversity in ensembles. The features of the constituent base classifiers for each ensemble were created through an exhaustive search algorithm
more » ... using different separability indices. For each ensemble, the classification accuracy was derived as well as a diversity measure purported to give a measure of the inensemble diversity. The correlation between ensemble classification accuracy and diversity measure was determined to establish the interplay between the two variables. From the findings of this paper, diversity measures as currently formulated do not provide an adequate means upon which to constitute ensembles for land cover mapping.
arXiv:0811.2016v1 fatcat:hlj44ipcubbjhgyweglg2gismy