Publishing Council: Intelligent Decision Support for Architecture and Integration of Next Generation Enterprises

Anton Železnikar, Ciril Baškovič, Cene Bavec, Matjan Krisper, Vladislav Rajkovič, Tatjana Welzer, Maggie Mcpherson, Pedro Isaias, Amjad Umar
Architectures and integration of emerging next generation enterprises (NGEs) require a series of complex decisions. This paper describes an intelligent decision support environment that uses patterns, best practices, inferences, and collaboration for enterprise architecture and integration projects. This environment consists of a set of intelligent advisors that collaborate with each other in a fashion similar to a team of consultants who are working on an integration project. It guides the
more » ... to appropriate strategic choices, architectural configurations, COTS (commercial off the shelf) packages and project plans. Instead of rushing to automatic code generation from business process models, this paper takes a more cautious approach that is based onsp practical experience and first concentrates on a decision support environment that will introduce more automation in later iterations. Povzetek: Opisano je okolje za integracijo projektov z uporabo najboljših praks.