Harpalus (Baeticoharpalus) lopezi, new subgenus and new species of Harpalus from the Iberian Peninsula (Coleoptera, Carabidae: Harpalini)

J Serrano, J Lencina
In this paper we describe the new subgenus Baeticoharpalus Serrano & Lencina and a new species Harpalus (Baeticoharpalus) lopezi Serrano & Lencina, based on a unique character combination that includes the pubescence of temples, frons, pronotum and elytra, the lack of mentum tooth, the shape of mouth parts and the male genitalia. The new taxon was collected in Sierra Morena (Pico de Almadén, central Betic Mountains, south Spain) and is geographically isolated from related taxa. Distribution
more » ... suggest that this is a relict species. The taxo-nomic position of the new taxon is discussed in relation to the other Iberian sub-genera of Harpalus and the related genera Pangus, Pseudoophonus, Ophonus, etc. A key to Iberian Harpalus and related taxa is included; it illustrates the abundance of homoplasic characters within these taxa and the difficulties to develop a 'natural' key for identifying them.