Bis ich selbst Vater geworden bin

Eva-Maria Schmidt
2010 unpublished
The focus of this master thesis is to explore self-perceptions and father identities by analyzing biographical experiences of fathers with their own fathers and examining their own images of fatherhood. Therefore, the following research questions emerge: what is the meaning and importance of those experiences for the identity of today's fathers who enter parental leave? In which way is this expressed in their current self-representation? By taking this diachronic perspective it is possible to
more » ... derstand individual father identity in the context of biographical experiences and learning processes. Schütze's biographical narrative interview method was used to collect data. The interviewees were fathers who are currently in parental leave or have recently finished it ; they provide an insight into their life story and into the relationship with their own fathers. These narratives form the basis for an interpretative analysis. The experiences and self-interpretations of these fathers are analyzed to identify latent contents and hidden meanings in their reports. Moreover, it is assumed that collective and societal processes can also be traced in their biographical reports. For this thesis, three biographies have been reconstructed as case studies and analyzed with the research instrument of objective hermeneutics. These reconstructions provide contrastive answers to the social phenomenon of father identity. Developing one's own identity as a father is always immensely influenced by the own father. Moreover, today's norms and legitimated ideas of fatherhood are also an important factor. All cases do not only show change, differentiation and innovation but also clear analogies and the tendency to reproduction. In the representation of the interviewees' own father image, the impact of hegemonic masculinity becomes evident as the notion of a caring and nurturing father is not part of this idea of masculinity. As a consequence, existing insecurities are emphasized which in turn hinder the establishment of a non-traditional [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.11366 fatcat:xx5qoumf6bdlxfyzfh7v3tdiwu