Kinetics of visible light photo-oxidation of Ge nanocrystals: Theory and in situ measurement

I. D. Sharp, Q. Xu, C. W. Yuan, J. W. Beeman, J. W. Ager, D. C. Chrzan, E. E. Haller
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
Photo-oxidation of Ge nanocrystals illuminated with visible laser light under ambient conditions was investigated. The photo-oxidation kinetics were monitored by in situ measurement of the crystalline Ge volume fraction by Raman spectroscopy. The effects of laser power and energy on the extent of oxidation were measured using both in situ and ex situ Raman scattering techniques. A mechanistic model in which the tunneling of photo-excited carriers to the oxide surface for electron activated
more » ... tron activated molecular oxygen dissociation is proposed. This quantitative model successfully describes all experimental photo-oxidation observations using physical parameters.
doi:10.1063/1.2724923 fatcat:e2rvkremqrgoheiiigq6pxmlti