Scaling and Crossovers in Diffusion Limited Aggregation

E. Somfai, L. M. Sander, R. C. Ball
1999 Physical Review Letters  
We discuss the scaling of characteristic lengths in diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) clusters in light of recent developments using conformal maps. We are led to the conjecture that the apparently anomalous scaling of lengths is due to one slow crossover. This is supported by an analytical argument for the scaling of the penetration depth of newly arrived random walkers, and by numerical evidence on the Laurent coefficients which uniquely determine each cluster. We find a single crossover
more » ... single crossover exponent of -0.3 for all the characteristic lengths in DLA. This gives a hint about the structure of the renormalization group for this problem.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.83.5523 fatcat:55fiwd62t5hjvpchgzyozke434