Intelligent Time-Domain Parameters Matching for Shock Response Spectrum and Its Experimental Validation in Active Vibration Control Systems

Jinxin Liu, Liangdong Yang, Xingwu Zhang, Ruqiang Yan, Xuefeng Chen
2019 Shock and Vibration  
Shock response spectrum (SRS) test is a kind of vibration test that uses the principle of equivalent damage to simulate complex shock and vibration environment for evaluating product fragility. However, for a certain SRS, neither an analytical nor a unique inverse time-domain shock waveform (TSW) exists, making the SRS test a very challenging problem. Synthesis of a TSW using a group of wavelets with different frequencies, amplitudes, and phases is considered to be a very promising method.
more » ... er, it is challenging to find an optimal group of wavelets since there are hundreds of optimization variables and objective functions. In this paper, a novel intelligent parameter matching method for TSW synthesis is proposed for the SRS test. A variable-weight method has been introduced to combine the effects of hundreds objective functions so that the optimization problem can be solved by using the genetic algorithm. The frequency response function of the shaking system has been taken into consideration in the calculation of the objective function, so the synthesized TSW can be applied directly to the SRS test. In the optimization process, normalized control factors have been formulated for the optimization variables so that they can be tuned in a reasonable small range to avoid irrationality and accelerating convergence in searching process. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been verified experimentally in two active vibration control systems, in which one contains a 500 N minishaker and the other contains a 1-ton shaking table. It can be seen from the experimental results that the proposed method can accurately synthesize the input TSW for the shaking system, where the output TSW and SRS can accurately meet the time- and frequency-domain specification.
doi:10.1155/2019/2920845 fatcat:yeu5svokrjec7n5mxblrr5jv2e