Local control and radiological changes after stereotactic radiotherapy of sternal metastases using skin surface markers: A descriptive case series and mini-review of literature

Anna Stenger-Weisser, Keivan Daneshvar Ghorbani, Hossein Hemmatazad
4-6 months [3] . As the overall survival of cancer patients shows significant improvement in recent years, due to evolving therapies, SBRT could be a better option with applying ablative dose and provide better local control (LC) as well as improved pain response. Response assessment includes clinical presentation of BMs, alterations of biochemical markers like prostate specific antigen (PSA) or changes on different imaging modalities. Furthermore, radiological assessment after SBRT is
more » ... ng and there are only few reports addressing this topic. Recently, we have reported SBRT of sternal metastases using skin surface fiducial markers [4] . In the current study, we report about five cases with sternal metastases from different malignancies and describe the radiological changes after SBRT on imaging modalities. Furthermore, we provide a mini review of the literature for each case, addressing the behavior of BMs and their response to RT.
doi:10.48350/161461 fatcat:ipzkg7hsdffebe7lu6inylk6oa