On next-to-leading power threshold corrections in Drell-Yan production at N3LO

N. Bahjat-Abbas, J. Sinninghe Damsté, L. Vernazza, C. D. White
2018 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The cross-section for Drell-Yan production of a vector boson has been previously calculated at next-to-next-to-leading order, supplemented by enhanced logarithmic terms associated with the threshold region. In this paper, we calculate a large set of enhanced terms associated with the colour structure C_F^3 at N^3LO, for the double real emission contribution in the quark-antiquark channel, as an expansion around the threshold region up to and including the first subleading power. We perform our
more » ... alculation using the method of regions, which systematically characterises all contributions according to whether the virtual gluon is (next-to) soft, collinear or hard in nature. Our results will prove useful for developing general formalisms for classifying next-to-leading power (NLP) threshold effects. They are also interesting in their own right, given that they constitute a previously unknown contribution to the Drell-Yan cross-section at O(α_s^3).
doi:10.1007/jhep10(2018)144 fatcat:usa7i4ppdfd6feabjzxlywu6y4