Yrast band in the heavy N = Z nucleus $$^{88}$$Ru: $$\alpha $$-cluster approach

Peter Mohr
2020 European Physical Journal A  
The yrast band in the heavy N = Z nucleus 88 Ru is studied in the framework of the α-cluster model in combination with double-folding potentials. It is found that the excitation energies of the yrast band in 88 Ru can be nicely described within the α-cluster approach using a smooth and mildly L-dependent adjustment of the potential strength. This result is similar to well-established α-cluster states in nuclei with a (magic core ⊗ α) structure. Contrary, the yrast bands in neighboring N = Z
more » ... ei deviate from such a typical α-cluster behavior. Finally, the α-cluster model predicts reduced transition strengths of about 10 Weisskopf units for intraband transitions between low-lying states in the yrast band of 88 Ru.
doi:10.1140/epja/s10050-020-00145-5 fatcat:nwcsbiduiraybb72xqqgqnlbiq