Occurrence and Detection of Rice black-streaked dwarf virus in Korea

Bong-Choon Lee, Yeon-Kyu Hong, Sung-Jun Hong, Sung-Tae Park, Key-Woon Lee
2005 The Plant Pathology Journal  
Until now, occurrence of Rice black-streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV) is observed in Gyeongsang provinces, southeastern part of Korea. However, recently, the occurrence of RBSDV is increasing and spreading in Jeonra provinces including Gochang-gun, southwestern part of Korea. RBSDV infected plants showed typical symptoms including stunted, deformed leaves with white waxy or black-streaked swelling along the veins. We extracted viral genomic dsRNA from infected leaves and analyzed dsRNA pattern by
more » ... yacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Ten genomic segments with similar sized dsRNAs were observed. We also detected RBSDV by reverse transcription (RT)-PCR using specific primers for S10 from genomic dsRNA and observed amplified DNA fragment specific for RBSDV S10.
doi:10.5423/ppj.2005.21.2.172 fatcat:h7s3dm7yyfdl5l7j7kpyibo5qu