Azomethine Yilde Forming Photoreaction of N-(Tributylstannyl)methylphthalimide
N-(트리부틸스탄일)메틸프탈이미드의 아조메틴 일리드 형성 광화학 반응

Ho-Cheol Jeong, Ki-Hyun Park, Hea-Jung Park, Dae-Won Cho, Ung-Chan Yoon
2009 Journal of the Korean Chemical Society  
Investigation was conducted to examine whether photochemical reaction of N-(tributylstannyl)methylphthalimide generates an azomethine ylide intermediate in its excited state as its silyl derivative N-(trimethylsilyl)methylphthalimide which has been observed to form an azomethine ylide. The irradiation of N-(tributylstannyl)methylphthalimide in D2O-CH3CN generates mono-deuterated N-methylphthalimide as an exclusive product which supports the efficient generation of azomethine ylide intermediate
more » ... ylide intermediate and its trapping by water molecule through a proto-destannylation pathway. However the generated tributylstannyl subsitiuted ylide was not observed to be trapped with a dipolarophile such as methyl acrylate and acrylonitrile present in the reactions which is in contrast with the ylide from N-(trimethylsilyl)methylphthalimide.
doi:10.5012/jkcs.2009.53.3.302 fatcat:2br5jj55ezg35e6x3ev5xslxzu