EngagedScholarship@CSU Predicting Student Success: Factors Influencing NCLEX-RN® Rates in an Urban University' s Pre-Licensure Programs PREDICTING STUDENT SUCCESS: FACTORS INFLUENCING NCLEX-RN ® RATES IN AN URBAN UNIVERSITY'S PRE-LICENSURE PROGRAMS

David Foley, David Foley, Pamela Rutar, Ed, Paul, C A S A L Williams, Mary, Mcdonald
1992 unpublished
This dissertation is dedicated to my mother and father, Ann and Edward Foley, who worked so very hard to insure I obtained a college degree. I hope your legacy will live on through your family and the lives we touch through Jesus our Hope. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My dream of obtaining a PhD was accomplished only with the assistance and inspiration provided by many remarkable people:  My wonderful teachers at William Foster Elementary School, Garfield Heights Junior High School and Garfield Heights
more » ... or High School. I thank you so much for the solid foundation you provided me.  My sister Ellen, who taught me so long ago the importance of persistence in learning. I thank you for not allowing me to leave my spot under the tulip tree until I learned my multiplication tables. I love you.  My wonderful church friends and family, especially Pastor and Mrs. Charles Moore. I am so thankful for the equally important gifts of knowledge and love you freely gave to all.  Mr. Bill Pummill, who endured hundreds of hours of telephone conversations as I moved forward in my journey as a doctoral learner. How can I ever repay you?  My wonderful dissertation committee, equally gifted with wonderfully unique qualities: o Dr. Vida Lock, whose strength inspired me to be excellent in all things. o Dr. Joshua Bagaka's, who pushed me further than I thought was possible. o Dr. Paul Williams, whose positive views of leadership were so encouraging. o Dr. Pamela Rutar, who skillfully and artfully wore many hats: faculty, colleague, and committee member. o Dr. Mary MacDonald, whose encouragement was so sustaining.  My many other friends, colleagues (Professor Sharon Wing and Dr. Joan Thoman), and family who make up the collage known as my life. Love and thanks to all of you. vii