Demographic Profile and Clinical Course of Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy in Mexican Patients [post]

Maximiliano Barrera-Sanchez, Julio C. Hernandez-Camarena, Raul E. Ruiz-Lozano, Jorge E. Valdez-Garcia, Alejandro Rodriguez-Garcia
2021 unpublished
Purpose To describe the demographic characteristics and clinical course of Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy (FECD) in a Mexican-mestizo population. Methods A retrospective observational and longitudinal study was performed in consecutive patients with the clinical diagnosis of Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy seen at our institution. Initial and last follow-up best corrected visual acuity, slit-lamp findings, and specular microscopy endothelial morphometric parameters were analyzed.
more » ... ere analyzed. Results One hundred and two eyes belonging to 51 patients were included in the analysis. Median age at the time of diagnosis was 69 years (range, 25–87 years) with a female-to-male ratio of 3.3:1. Visual loss (59.8%) and fluctuating matutine vision (7.8%) were the most common complaints at presentation. Regarding FECD staging, 65 (63.7%) were classified as stage-I FECD, 21 (20.6%) stage-II, and 15 (14.7%) as stage-III. A high percentage of eyes (44%) presented visual impairment (≤ 20/40) at presentation, and the presence of isolated corneal guttata was the most common stage of presentation (64%) at slit-lamp examination. Fifty-nine (57.8%) eyes did not require any medical or surgical management, and 17% of the evaluated eyes finally required a corneal transplantation, being penetrating keratoplasty with 8 (44.4%) eyes the most frequent technique performed. Conclusion Demographical characteristics of Fuchs dystrophy regarding age at presentation, gender distribution, and clinical stage at the time of diagnosis did not differ significantly from other international reports. Almost 20% of these patients will require keratoplasty during the disease, emphasizing the need for safer and more reproducible keratoplasty techniques.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:y3gcqp7aprhl3aqk7vtswafpji