Study of spatial-temporal characteristics of optical fiber based on ultra-short pulse interferometry

Rostislav Rokitski, P.-C. Sun, Y. Fainman
2001 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and International Conference on Quantum Information   unpublished
We demonstrate a method for reconstruction of the modal intensity distribution of light at the output of an optical fiber. Spatial modes of the optical fiber are separated in time as a result of differences in group velocity and are detected experimentally by observation of the interference of the modal field distribution with the time-gating reference field. The detected interference patterns of the modal fields are analyzed, providing the spatial impulse response of the fiber. We also use
more » ... er. We also use interferometric correlation to determine the spatiotemporal characteristics of the fiber modes, such as pulse width, linear chirp, and group velocity, for each mode.
doi:10.1364/ofc.2001.wdd21 fatcat:5g5mv57mifahlfz3is2haj2d3i