NCPA No. 2: IX comments and responses to Draft JES [report]

1980 unpublished
addressed i n the January 4 hearings. The transmission losses I a r e considered insignificant and will not produce significant d o l l a r cost savings over increased construction costs. JOINT ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY p.11-12, 6th Paragraph: Correct the first sentence t o read: '. "The NCPA p l a n t o install duplicate equipment, interconnected piping and circuitry t o provide full redundancy of most Generating P1 ant auxil 1 ary equipment .'I 1x05 (7) (9) P.11-12, 7 t h Paragraph: Revise the
more » ... raph t o read as follows: "The power plant site encompassing the surface condenser, condensate piping, cooling tower basins, the reinjection sump, and the Stretford Process will be constructed on an impervious, paved surface and surrounded by a berm of sufficient height t o contain and control storm runoff ahd/or potential spills fran one cooling tower and condensate system . U P.11-14, 2nd Paragraph, last sentence: Rep1 ace word "only" with "most econanic" . P. 11-15, 6 t h Paragraph, last sentence: . Correct "one mile" t o read "one-half mile" Correct "five acres" t o read "one acre". P.11-16, 6 t h Paragraph, 2nd sentence: Correct "30 percent" t o read "20 percent". P.111-6, 3rd Paragraph, last sentence: Correct " (one centimeter) " t o read "(one ha1 f centimeter) ". P.111-6, 5 t h Paragraph, 1st sentence: Correct "site" t o read "project area". P. III,lO, 3rd Paragraph, f i r s t sentence: Correct "Tab1 e I 11-4" t o read " Table I 11-3" . c P. 111-19, 3rd Paragraph, 3rd sentence: Correct "90 acres" t o read "52 acres above the sedimentation pond . 'I * P.111-22, 3rd Paragraph: Or. James A.. Nielson of ECOVI EW has observed the seep t o be dry on two separate occasions. This i s in contrast t o the ~ Lf regulatory agency staff observation and conclusion stated. IX-6 h 2828 Chiles Road Li Conservation Davis, CA Agriculture Service 95616 (916) 758-2200 December 28, 1979 J 4 Dear Ms. Matthews:
doi:10.2172/5686688 fatcat:h4ge3l2kzbhyfevsdaujrvfaku