The possibility of an Intercultural Ethics

2020 Zenodo  
Based on the theoretical foundations of authors such as Fornet-Betancourt (1994,2009), Ricoeur (2005) and Salas (2005) and, the possibility of analyzing the foundations that make it possible to install an intercultural ethics is proposed. This implies talking about otherness, dialogue, intersubjectivity and recognition of the other. This article raises some of the key foundations that generate an ethical coexistence of these characteristics, in the context of a Chile that has lost or forgotten
more » ... lost or forgotten the need to assume otherness and intersubjectivity as the basis of any possible convergence. In view of contributing to a space-country that is, above all, a meeting place based on the recognition of diversity and difference.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3633772 fatcat:yy74lhlqizhvfhm6il3ahgooaa