1PT160 Recognition of a TAR nucleic acid by HIV-1 Tat, an intrinsically disordered protein(The 50th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan)

Kohei Sodeyama, Yuuki Hayashi, Takashi Nakamura, Koki Makabe, Kunihiro Kuwajima, Munehito Arai
2012 Seibutsu Butsuri  
TheBiophysicalSociety of Japan General IncorporatedAssociation To study the detailed structure of the TAZ2/p53 AD2 comp]ex, here we perform NMR HSQC titratjons in which the unlabeled p5] AD2 peptide was added incrementa]ly to iSN-labeled
doi:10.2142/biophys.52.s96_2 fatcat:jjytgb73gjdvrcafv42jc7deja