! " #$%% &&' ( ))""* + '"" Mixed Large-Eddy Simulation Model for Turbulent Flows across Tube Bundles Using Parallel Coupled Multiblock NS Solver

M Talebi, E Shirani, M Ashrafizadeh
In this study, turbulent flow around a tube bundle in non-orthogonal grid is simulated using the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) technique and parallelization of fully coupled Navier-Stokes (NS) equations. To model the small eddies, the Smagorinsky and a mixed model was used. This model represents the effect of dissipation and the grid-scale and subgrid-scale interactions. The fully coupled NS equations with the multiblock method was parallelized. Parallelization of the computer code was
more » ... d by splitting the calculation domain into several subdomains and using different processors in such a way that the computational work was equally distributed among processors. The discretized governing equations are second order in time and in space and the pressure is calculated by Momentum Interpolation Method (MIM) to prevent the checkerboard problem. The results are obtained for the turbulent flow over five parallel tube rows. The computational efficiency, flow patterns, and flow properties are also determined. The results showed high parallelization efficiency and high speed up for the computer code. The flow characteristics were determined and compared with experimental results which showed good agreement. Also, the results showed that the mixed model is better than the Smagorinsky model for evaluation of flow characteristics and lift and drag forces on tubes.