A Computation on Any 3-Coloring Graph is a Pproblem

X.-J. Wang, T.-Q. Wang
2021 Zenodo  
It is one of the open problems, whether or not the algorithm for a 3-coloring graph is in polynomial time1-3. In general, the coloring problem for a graph and an integer k is to determine whether its chromatic number is at most or not; the kcolorability problem is to verify whether vertices of a given graph can be properly colored with at most k colors3,4. However, the positive answer by using set theory scares us5. Based on the computer logic, we build up a model of chromatic space to study on
more » ... graph coloring issues6-8. We demonstrate that 3-coloring is a P-problem by analyzing the codes in inheriting primitive operations. We cut off the edge recursion in the chromatic space and ensure whether the graph is 3-colorability. We hope the algorithm can solve more well-known NP-completeness problems more than the present theories.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4748658 fatcat:icaguajkmvh55l4psy6sgxnfre