Lethal Effects of Commercial Kaolin Dust and Silica Aerogel Dust With and Without Botanical Compounds on Horn Fly Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, and Adults in the Laboratory

Allan T Showler, Jessica L Harlien, Roberto Pereira
2021 Journal of medical entomology  
The horn fly, Haematobia irritans irritans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae), is an important bloodsucking ectoparasite of cattle throughout much of the world. The fly is mostly controlled using conventional synthetic insecticides but as concerns about resistance increase, alternative tactics have come under heightened scrutiny. Four desiccant dust products: Surround WP, a kaolin clay-based wettable powder; CimeXa, comprised of silica aerogel; Drione, silica aerogel + pyrethrins; and EcoVia, silica
more » ... el + thyme oil, were assessed for their lethal effects against horn fly eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults, under laboratory conditions. Although Surround WP and CimeXa did not prevent egg hatching and (when mixed with manure substrate) pupal development, the two products were associated with moderate reductions of emerged adults, and with complete adult contact mortality within 6 hr and 24 hr, respectively. Drione and EcoVia eliminated egg hatching, pupal development, and adults within 15 min to 1 hr, respectively, whether the flies were exposed to treated filter paper substrate or exposed by immersion in the dusts. Implications for horn fly control and advantages of inert desiccant dust formulations are discussed.
doi:10.1093/jme/tjab140 pmid:34401921 fatcat:rnkwabiosnburpfjfzwokhkzii