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PAPERS e FILMS e CHEMICALS Offer g o o d C O -O p camera th ro u gh 6/11/83 secon d lev el É J M T T f K l If * '* • £ • j M A JO R IN G IN SERVICE SIN C E 1896 t h e DAILY TEXAN/MONDAY, JUNE 6, 1983/PAGE 3 UNIVERSITY NEWS IN BRIEF Research techniques explained in library video presentation S o lvin g the Inform ation P u z z le ," a v i d eo presentation on library resources and efficien t research tech n iqu es, w ill be show n each hour from 10 a .m . to 3 p .m . M onday through Friday in
more » ... ry-Castaneda Library 1 .1 0 2 . The program w ill be repeated June 13-17. Students win 'Oscars' Three U T film students received prizes Sunday from the Student Film Awards Pro gram o f the A cad em y o f M otion Picture Arts and S cien ces in B everly H ills, C alif. Arturo Ruiz Esparza won a merit award in the docum entary category for his film , " El M atador. John Robert W oodward and Johnny S teven s w on a merit award in the dram atic category for their film " Children o f the C o m , based on a Stephen King short story. The tw o prizes were ch osen from 2 8 0 entries subm itted by co lleg e and university students w h o com pleted a classrelated film project b etw een
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