Regression Analysis for Split Strength of Concrete Containing Quarry Dust and Waste Plastic as Sand Replacement

Bahoria, Nagarnaik, Parbat, Waghe
The scope of this research is to bring forth the industry taking into account the sustainable utilization of quarry dust, and to find out any gaps in present scenario. The term sustainable utilization intends the use of quarry dust to their full potential to cope up with the needs of the present, on the contrary conserving natural resources and finding solutions to minimize the environmental impacts associated both with quarry fines production and its disposal. Concrete mixes for M40 grade were
more » ... casted using ordinary river sand and compared with 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% replacement with quarry dust in combination with waste plastic in fabriform. The addition of quarry dust along with waste plastic significantly improved the concrete matrix properties in terms of strength. Regression analysis and validation of the models developed was done to co-relate the results of split tensile strength for 7, 14, 28, 90 days .The addition of fine quarry dust with ldpe as waste plastic in concrete resulted in improved matrix densification compared to conventional concrete. Fresh and hardened concrete properties have been tested on concrete containing natural sand along with quarry dust and waste plastic. An attempt has been made to prepare mathematical models for predicting 14, 28, 90 days split tensile strength of concrete. The models so prepared have been validated and the error lies within the permissible limit of tolerance. It is found that quarry dust in addition to waste plastic as filler improves the mechanical properties of concrete when used along with super plasticizer.