Studies of Electrophoresis on Cellulose Acetate Membrane of Serum Proteins from Normal Horses, Sheep and Pigs

Nils Ek
1970 Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica  
A report of experiments involving electrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane of bovine serum proteins has previously been published (Ek 1969) . The present report concerns similar experiments with serum proteins in normal serum from horses, sheep and pigs. ;The examination of serum proteins in normal domestic animals with the aid of paper electrophoresis was carried out by Boguth (1954) and has later been performed by a number of other investigatoiis (Stiickl 1954 , Irfan 1967 . As far as
more » ... 1967 . As far as can be seen from the available literature no reports of experiments using cellulose acetate membrane for the electrophoresis of serum from domestic animals have been presented. It was the aim of the present experiment to use this technique in order to obtain the best possible separation and, by further experiment, identify the individual main serum fractions. On the diagrams the albumin fraction is marked A and the three main fractions in the globulin part are provisionally marked I, II and Ill, mentioned in order according to decreasing mobility. By electrophoretically comparing normal serum with separated material of known composition, an attempt has been made to identify these main fractions and express them in accordance with the nomenclature usually used, as a-, and y-globulin respectively.
doi:10.1186/bf03547989 fatcat:3nyp2owtxzh7nexnpxqpitt46e