Tecnologias da Informação em Educação Tecnologias da Informação em Educação

Cristina Sá, Maria Macário
Indagatio Didactica   unpublished
The changes brought by the digital era contributed to innovation in the teaching/ learning process. Nowadays, teachers are supposed to be efficient in the manipulation of ICT tools and to use them both consciously and autonomously. Initial teacher training must prepare these professionals to face this challenge. In this paper, we present and discuss an experiment conducted within the initial training of teachers of Portuguese as a mother tongue, using ICT tools, such as web platforms, search
more » ... ine and online discussion forums. The students gathered information, treated it and discussed it with the members of the team they were part of, in order to create didactic knowledge. The analysis of the syllabus of the curricular unit in which sessions this experiment took place revealed that ICT tools are effectively used to promote certain competences among the students. The use of online discussion forums was intended to make them create solutions for TIC e desenvolvimento de competências em trabalho colaborativo na formação em didática de línguas 481 problems they had previously identified (with their teacher) and discuss their value for future practice. The analysis of the application of one of these forums showed that the students resist to collaborative work, a tendency that must be overruled. Further promotion of collaborative work-mainly within initial teacher training-will help them to understand its importance for their future practice and adhere to it in an easier way.