D1.4 – First version of MAGIC-CROPS

A. Monti
2018 Zenodo  
The MAGIC-CROPS database is an easy-to-use tool describing 37 promising species suited to marginal land as defined in the JRC's report (EUR 23412 EN - 2008 and later modifications). Crop descriptions include general botanical and morphological characteristics, agricultural practices, potential yield and quality, and current and potential uses. An evaluation score (0 to 3, unfeasible, high, moderate and low decrease of potential yield caused by biophysical constrains) is used to describe crop
more » ... tability to develop under different marginal conditions. The MAGIC-CROPS database will be continuously updated throughout the project. The present deliverable is an early version of the database including switchgrass, camelina, sugar beet, willow, lupin, wild sugarcane, giant reed, Siberian elm, Spanish broom, tall wheatgrass, cardoon, lavender.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3539192 fatcat:gcwuyw2s7fdxnd6wuvqsktivmm