The alpha-1A adrenergic receptor agonist A61603 reduces cardiac polyunsaturated fatty acid and endocannabinoid metabolites associated with inflammation in vivo

Amro Ilaiwy, Brian C. Jensen, Monte S. Willis, Paul C. Simpson, Megan D. Montgomery
Alpha-1-adrenergic receptors (α1-ARs) are G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) with three highly homologous subtypes (α1A, α1B, and α1D). Of these three subtypes, only the α1A and α1B are expressed in the heart. Multiple pre-clinical models of heart injury demonstrate cardioprotective roles for the α1A. Non-selective α1-AR activation promotes glycolysis in the heart, but the functional α1-AR subtype and broader metabolic effects have not been studied.
doi:10.17615/qf6f-f591 fatcat:vpbxqq3gq5g6hnl3hr2mms5anm