Yiğit Emrah Turgut, Engin Kurşun
2019 Eğitim Teknolojisi Kuram ve Uygulama  
ETKU Dergisi 2011 yılından itibaren yılda iki defa düzenli olarak yayınlanmaktadır. Educational Technology Theory and Practice Journal is published regularly twice a year since 2011. Abstract The purpose of this study is to reveal mobile Internet access, usage, activities and social network habits of children with 9-16 age in Turkey. Survey research design, which is one of the quantitative research methods, was administrated in the study. The sample of study was determined according to Turkey
more » ... atistical Region Units Classification of Turkish Statistics Institution, consisting of 784 children of ages 9-16, selected from 12 regions. Data were collected through a questionnaire in 2015 and analyzed using descriptive statistics techniques. It was seen that children in Turkey access to the Internet mostly through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. It was observed that the main locations where children access the Internet are their homes and their own rooms. It was emerged that children tend to perform entertainment and communication oriented activities such as social networking, watching movies or listening to music online, instant messaging on the Internet.
doi:10.17943/etku.512137 fatcat:vmq2elt4yre5pf2bickhcygwsa