Flexible Abrasive Tools for Deburring and Finishing of Holes in Superalloys [post]

Adrián Rodríguez, Asier Fernández, Luís Norberto López de la Calle, Leonardo Sastoque Pinilla
2018 unpublished
Many manufacturing sectors require high surface finishing. After machining operations such as milling or drilling, undesirable burrs or insufficient edge finishing may be generated. For decades, many finishing processes have been handmade-basis; this fact is accentuated when dealing with complex geometries especially for high value-added parts. In recent years, it’s a tendency of trying to automate as far as possible this kind of processes, repeatability and time/money savings are main
more » ... poses. Based on that idea, the aim of this work is to check new tools and strategies for finishing aeronautical parts, especially critical engine parts made on Inconel 718, a very ductile nickel alloy. Automating edge finishing of chamfered holes is a complicated but really important goal. In this paper, flexible abrasive tools were used for this purpose. A complete study of different abrasive possibilities was carried out, mainly focusing on roughness analysis and final edge results obtained.
doi:10.20944/preprints201812.0013.v1 fatcat:htpihqvgwfh2ria76guk3hfdra