Compliance of medicine with Islamic principles

Farahani, Rahjoonia
1998 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ) Original Article Winter   unpublished
What makes a physician to a proficient one is accompanying science and moral together, especially observing religious features of the patient. Therefore, present study was conducted to evaluate the knowledge of Arak University of Medical Sciences students in medical religious in pre and post training, 2005-06. Materials and Methods: In a descriptive cross-sectional study, questionnaire was prepared including 50 questions on medical religious commandments. After filling questionnaires by 227
more » ... ents, were confidentially collected in a box. In next stage, the book on medical commandments according to four religious authorities was freely presented to the participants to be read within two weeks; then 50 questions about medical commandments were prepared again. Results: In the present study, 81.9% were female and 18.1% were male. The basic sciences students were lower acquaintance before reading the book and midwifery students had better acquaintance (43%). The changing percentage of knowledge in all groups had significant difference with medical commandments in second period as compared to the first period, (p‹0.001). Conclusion: The knowledge of students in different courses in medical religious commandments was not significant. But, after training, there have been considerable changes in their medical commandments knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended to train medical commandments in parallel with training scientific and practical courses.