Detection of Nano Eu2O3 in Cells and Study of Its Biological Effects

Yingqi Li, Zhuoyu Li, Xueping Zhou, Pin Yang
2010 Nano Biomedicine and Engineering  
The biological effect of rare earth represents the dual natures of promoting cell proliferation and apoptosis. The research on the biological effect of rare earth compound has aroused wide concerns, but it remained unknown for the transmembrane and distribution under the action of rare earth oxide nanoparticle with cell as well as its biological effects. In the present data, it was firstly observed that the nano Eu 2 O 3 entered the living HeLa cell by endocytosis using Laser Scanning Confocal
more » ... Scanning Confocal Microscope. The distribution of nano Eu 2 O 3 was in the cytoplasm around the nucleus. Moreover, we studied the effect of nano Eu 2 O 3 on living cells under the condition of in vitro culture. The result showed that within the low concentration range (<1.0 mg/mL), the nano Eu 2 O 3 had no obvious effects on the apoptosis and the cell cycle, although the morphology appeared changes. When the concentration gradually rose, it had dramatic biological effects. 1.0 mg/mL nano Eu 2 O 3 caused the cellular damages and led to the vacuolation on the cell surface. Meanwhile, it obviously promoted the apoptosis of Hela cells, which suggested that 1.0 mg/mL nano Eu 2 O 3 induced a necrotic cell reaction with respect to the nature of cytotoxin. Citation: Y. Li, et al. Detection of nano Eu 2 O 3 in cells and study of its biological effects.
doi:10.5101/nbe.v2i1.p24-30 fatcat:ylads7ivebh6hkti2hetq4yvgu