SCREAM I: A single mask, single-crystal silicon process for microelectromechanical structures

K.A. Shaw, Z.L. Zhang, N.C. MacDonald
[1993] Proceedings IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems  
AbStlWl A single-crystal slhcon, high aspect ratlo, low-temperature process sequence for the fabrlcatlon of suspended rmcroelectromechamcal structures (MEMS) usmg a smgle hthography step and reactwe Ion etching (RIE) IS presented The process IS called SCRJZAM I (single-crystal reactwe etchmg and metalhzatmn) SCREAM I IS a bulk mlcromachmmg process that uses RIE of a s~hcon substrate to fabricate suspended movable smgle-crystal s&on (SCS) beam structures Beam elements wth aspect ratios of 10 to
more » ... and widths rangmg from 0 5 to 4 0 Frn have been fabricated All process steps are low temperature (<3OO "C), and only conventronal sd~con fabrlcation tools are used photohthography, RIE, MIE, plasma-enhanced chemxal-vapor deposrtlon (PECVD) and sputter deposlhon SCREAM I IS a self-ahgned process and uses a smgle lithography step to define beams and structures srmultaneously as well as all necessary contact pads, electrIcal mterconnects and lateral capaators SCREAM I has been specifically deslgned for integration with standard Integrated cmxnt (IC) processes, so MEM deuces can be fabricated adjacent to prefabricated analog and dIgItal carcuitry In this paper we present process parameters for the fabncatlon of discrete SCREAM I devices We also discuss mask design rules and show micrographs of fabncated deuces 0924-4247/94i$O7 00 Q 1994 Elsevler Sequoia All nghts reserved SSDI 0924-4247(93)0384-G
doi:10.1109/memsys.1993.296930 fatcat:num236tmcfforizvh46ck5nywu